Hellrazor Customs

About Hellrazor Customs

Hellrazor Customs is a business providing quality craftsmanship at a reasonable price with some of the hottest, fastest, cleanest cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles in North Texas.

Hellrazor Customs is the brain child of Keith Darnell who wanted to prove there was a better, faster, more efficient way of customizing cars, boats, motorcycles, or pretty much anything that floats, flys, or rolls.

Hellrazor Customs started as a coalition of friends, all avid motorcycle/car enthusiasts, bucking the system and tired of being "kept down by the man". We had a vision of a better way of customizing our own bikes and cars, so we started relying on one another to contribute skills that each of had already developed in life.

Our projects are designed from start to finish by Keith Darnell. We do our own in house mechanical, paint, and interior, custom airbrush work, suspension, and electrical. We can also work with other customizers and manufacturers to make your dreams become a reality. We can build or rebuild just about any vehicle from top to bottom front bumper to back and we do it all in a timely manner at a very reasonable price.

We've all come together, and are now doing what we do best. We offer you some of the cleanest bikes and cars around, at prices that are about half of what the big boys offer. Quality that's double that of what you would find with the bigger customizers. We can do it all! We have the best prices on services, paint, customization and parts. We provide you with quality work and quality service! Don't trust your wheels to some fraud who claims to be a "certified technician" in an ad on Craigslist. Chances are you'll end up loosing twice the money you'd ever spend with us. If they say they're a "certified technician"... ask for the "certification" to prove it.

Take a moment to peruse our pages. Check out our bikes, our cars, and our work...then call us and give us a chance to prove that we are the best alternative to getting raked over the coals by corporate.